Lieurey is situated in the Eure department in the north of France (Haute Normandy), Evreux being its capital.


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From Lieurey to:


Bernay 21 km

Caen 75 km

Calais 214 km

Cormeilles  10.1km

Deauville - Trouville  34km   -    Airport at Deauville (33 minutes)

Evreux  58km 

Elbeuf  42km 

Giverny (Monets house & gardens)   

Honfleur 29km

Les Andelys 114.4km

Le Bec Hellouin 16 km

Le Havre 41 km      -    Airport at Le Havre ( 51 minutes)

Le Neubourg  36.9km 

Lisieux  28.5 km 

Pont-Audemer 14 km

Paris  185.6km    -   Charkles de Gaulle Airport  (2 hours)

Rouen  60.2km